If you are interested in a career in hairdressing, we provide a comprehensive training programme at Irish College of Hairdressing, where you will learn from highly skilled trainers the basic techniques of Cutting, Colouring, Blow drying in many shapes and styles to Up-styles and men's hairdressing, to name a few.
Hairdressing is an exciting career that opens the door to many opportunities including owning your own salon, traveling the world on the most famous cruise ships, meeting a wide variety of people daily, working in television or films, traveling abroad and participating in National and International competitions.  With hairdressing you can use your own creative abilities to cut, colour and style hair and maybe even set new trends!!
Our ambition as a hairdressing college is to provide the necessary atmosphere, trainers and professional environment that is required to enable hairdressing students to learn their trade and achieve the maximum from their qualification. Our college is one of the most up to date facilities in Ireland but, more importantly, it offers professional advantages that serious students are looking for in education.
We are looking for students that want to be the best in the business.  The hairdressing and beauty industries are starving for professionals that know how to take care of their client’s hair, beauty, skin care, and relaxation needs.  Our program is designed to give students the edge they need to have a prosperous and successful career. 
If you are looking for a fun, exciting career where you can be creative and design your own future of success, work your own hours and design your leisure time you don’t have to wait any longer. 
Call our admissions director today to schedule a tour or enrollment appointment.  If you are not sure which program suits you best, we can schedule you a shadow day so you can experience, first hand, a little more of the industry and our admissions director can help you design your career path. 
When you become a City & Guilds qualified hairdresser, you’ve opened the door to a world of career options - full or part-time. You could work in a salon and even eventually own your own. You could be a platform artist for a worldwide hair corporation. Or on the set of a movie styling hair. There are also opportunities as sales representatives for world-renowned products. And some people return to the classroom after they graduate to teach.
From cruise ships and photography studies to salons and the entertainment industry, only a City & Guilds qualification can give you the opportunities in so many different, exciting areas and countries.
A Quality Approach to Education!

School Philosophy 
The Irish College of Hairdressing is a leader in the education of hairstylists. The reason is simple…PRIDE. We take pride in our profession, our students and in our college.

Pride is a funny thing. Pride is at once intangible and all prevailing. Both a driving force and a soothing balm. Pride often makes the only difference between mediocrity and excellence. Fortunately, pride can be extremely contagious.  Our aim is to ensure each and every student at Irish College of Hairdressing gains this pride by developing their set of world class skills.

The Irish College of Hairdressing can help you achieve your fullest potential in our profession. Together, we can make you a thoroughly qualified hair stylist. We can reach this goal through hard work, perseverance, dedication, and, most of all, through pride.
You Stand at the Dawn of a New Career in the Hairdressing Industry!